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Education & Performance

The Clement Fencing Academy

Nestled in a dedicated learning environment, "The Clement Fencing Academy" offers a premier experience for fencing enthusiasts. Led by skilled instructors, whether you're a beginner or honing your skills, our academy cultivates grace, focus, and strategy in fencing while building a strong, engaged community.

Fencing After School Programs

Our extra-curricular fencing programs allow children to discover fencing after school. Students will learn the basics of fencing and always end with a little "competition" to challenge themselves. It is often a first step before joining the Clement Fencing Academy

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Fencing Physical Education Programs

The physical education programs in fencing adapt perfectly in their duration and in their contents to the needs of the schools. The programs are designed to meet the missions of the schools guided by their various Ministries, but are also intended to be a moment of pleasure for the children. Fencing, through its originality, its rigor and its history, brings added value to school programs, and can serve as a tool for the interdisciplinarity necessary in educational programs.

We set up the professional training of their teachers to lead level 1 fencing cycles and provide logistical support in fencing equipment...

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We work in partnership with Evolution Sport, so registrations are made via the following platform: 

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