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Fencing Pose
" To be in possession of what you know, you must be in possession of yourself"

Jean de Labat, L'art en fait d'armes, 1996

Our story

Clement Sports draws its origin from a passion for fencing and the very high educational value of this sport. The creator of the club, "Maitre d'Armes" for more than 40 years, and National Coach in Qatar for 7 years, is determined to share his passion with the world. For this he founded the Clement Fencing Academy in Doha. With a solid reputation for competence and trust, the company diversified into other activities with high educational and personal development potential, and became Clement Sports. Since our creation, we have been committed to developing talent, fostering personal growth and promoting the values of society, teamwork and respect.

Our Mission 

At Clement Sports, our mission can be summed up as follows: Education & Performance. And just like Education, quality sport must be accessible to all, without any conditions...

Why Choose Clement Sports ?

Excellence in Coaching

Benefit from the passion and the expertise of his creator. Our highly qualified and passionate coaches bring dedication and skill to every session, guiding participants on a journey of skill development and character-building.

Celebrating Diversity

We take pride in being a hub for multicultural sporting excellence. As witnesses to the richness of sports across cultures, we embrace and celebrate diversity, recognizing that sports are a universal language that unites people from all walks of life.

Innovative Programs


From fencing and archery to climbing and holiday sports camps, our diverse range of innovative programs ensures there's something for everyone, encouraging lifelong love for sports.

Inclusive Environment


We create a welcoming and inclusive space where every participant feels valued and encouraged to achieve their goals, promoting a sense of belonging and empowerment.


As a former elite athlete, I have practiced the art of fencing over thirty years. This sport has forged my personality and character, it has made me what I am today. 

I have been a coach and instructor for over 25 years, and hold a Level 2 French State Certificate. 

My successes in France as a trainer were the result of a broad-based view of each child and athlete. I took into consideration their educational and personal backgrounds while creating a training program that suited each individual needs. 

I strongly believe that high level success in sport is not an aim but an outcome of self-development. this philosophy has granted me the opportunity to train many elite athletes, coaches, and Physical Education instructors.

Christophe Clement, General Manager 

Working With the Best  Partners

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