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Archery Range Activation in Lusail Winter Wonderland Park

About the Event

Experience the thrill of our Archery Range Activation at Lusail Winter Wonderland Park, a must-visit destination from November 1st, 2023 to March 4th, 2024! Open to all members of the public, from ages 6 and above, our activation promises an unforgettable experience for participants of all skill levels.

With 6 dedicated archery lanes and 2 pistol (laser) shooting lanes, our range offers a variety of activities to engage in. Each participant receives a pack of 10 arrows, ensuring ample opportunities to refine your aim and technique. The archery range boasts shooting distances of 5 meters for kids up to 10 years old and 9 meters for others, providing an optimal challenge for every age group.

To enhance your experience, each target is equipped with a camera, allowing you to clearly see your target and track your progress. Our range features a diverse array of target designs, providing a dynamic and engaging environment for participants. Expert coaches are on hand to provide guidance and support, ensuring that every visitor has the opportunity to improve their skills and have a rewarding experience.

Engage in friendly competition with our point ranking system, adding an extra layer of excitement to your visit. Whether you're a seasoned archer or trying it out for the first time, our Archery Range Activation at Lusail Winter Wonderland Park is the perfect destination to embrace the joy of archery and pistol shooting in a festive and enchanting setting.

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