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Private Events

Birthday Party

Celebrate birthdays in style with our captivating and customizable birthday parties! Designed for individuals of all genders, ages starting from 4 years old to adults, our parties ensure that everyone can join in the festivities. Whether you're planning a party for a little one or an adult, our events are tailored to suit your needs.

We warmly welcome all types of guests, from families looking to celebrate together to individuals seeking unique and exciting experiences. Our birthday parties can be a combination of several activities, including real archery, archery tag, pistol shooting, sports, educational, and challenging games.

Flexibility and adaptability are key aspects of our events. If our current venue doesn't meet your requirements, we're prepared to relocate our setup to a suitable location. Join us for a day of laughter, camaraderie, and unforgettable memories as you and your guests participate in a variety of engaging activities. Be part of the excitement and celebrate your next birthday with us!

Our parties offer a capacity suitable for intimate gatherings or larger groups, accommodating various activities that cater to different age groups. With the option to include a mix of activities, our parties are designed to ensure everyone has a great time. Whether indoors or outdoors, our venue will be transformed into a space of excitement and celebration, creating the perfect setting for a memorable birthday party.

Home Training

Elevate your home training experience with our personalized Archery and Fencing sessions! Whether you're an individual looking to refine your skills or a small group seeking an engaging activity, our sessions are designed to cater to your needs. We welcome participants of all genders, ages starting from 4 years old to adults, ensuring that everyone can partake in the excitement.

Our home training sessions offer the flexibility of one-on-one or group sessions, accommodating various preferences. Whether you're interested in archery or fencing, our expert instructors will guide you through an enriching experience that combines skill-building with exhilarating fun.

Flexibility is at the heart of our offerings. Depending on your availability, our sessions can be arranged to fit your schedule. Join us for a rewarding training session that fosters growth, camaraderie, and a deeper connection with archery or fencing. Embark on this journey of improvement with us!

Our sessions cater to individuals and small groups, ensuring personalized attention and an immersive training experience. Regardless of your skill level, our sessions are tailored to meet your needs and aspirations. From the comfort of your home, you'll engage in focused training that leaves you feeling accomplished and motivated


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